The Sonodrop 2 Plus Ultrasonic Nebuliser, For the prevention, alleviation and therapy of respiratory diseases.

Hygienic safety for the patient  is our highest priority!

Conventional ultrasonic nebulisers are often conta-minated and bear a high risk of infection because  of insufficiently protected water supply systems. A closed sterile water system such as the Isapak®  system represents a safe solution to this problem.  The risk of infection caused by germs in the water 

Clean inhalation air!

An inlet filter cleans the intake of air and dust particles on hte underside of the basic Sonodrop 2 device. The bacteria and virus filter has a bacteria retension capacity of 99.9% and a reduction factor of 9.3 x 103 in the case of pseudonas aeruginosa - ensures hygienically safe therapy.

Pre-setting of flow -

Treatment timer -

Pre-setting Nebulisation -

Temperature settting -

Advantages of the Sonodrop 2 Plus

  • Treatment timer on LCD display
  • Closer sterile water system
  • Heatable aerosol
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Self-explanatory operation
  • Hygienic system preperation(autoclaving of re-usable parts)
  • Very Quiet operation
  • Table top and Mobile stand operation

Technical Specifications

Nebulisation rate
up to 2.5ml/min

min 7 l/min

max 20 l/min

Aerosol Particle size
Noise level
Aerosol temperature
up to 37°C
Operating conditions
+15°C to +40°C

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Sonodrop 2 PLUS

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