RehaCom - Computer based Cognitive test and therapy

RehaCom is an evidence-based, clinically proven cognitive therapy after Stroke and TBI, for Patients with ADD/ADHD, Psychiatric Disorder (Depression, Schizophrenia), Neurodegenerative Diseases (Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis) and for Geriatrics.

RehaCom is a computerized cognitive therapy tool developed by experts and therapists that focuses on the rehabilitation of patients with cognitive impairment. Deficit-specific therapy is provided following initial included screening assessments. 29 computerized therapy modules are available to help your clients improve cognitive function and compensatory skills in attention, memory, executive functions, and visual field.

For 25 years, RehaCom is the market leader in computer-assisted cognitive rehabilitation for brain injured individuals. Available in 27 languages and distributed worldwide.

The effects of brain damage, whether caused by stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), tumours, or multiple sclerosis, occur both physically and mentally. These impairments vary widely from person to person and depend on many factors, including an individual‘s personality and the severity of the brain damage. Clients often experience difficulty with concentration and sometimes develop speech disorders.

They may also experience difficulty recognising or naming objects or persons. Frequently, spatial orientation and memory are also affected.

Different diagnostic measures are used depending on the severity and the type of brain damage. Clients may undergo physical, occupational and speech therapy as well as neuropsychological therapy, which includes cognitive therapy. The aim of cognitive rehabilitation is to minimize the damage, to regain lost skills, to develop compensation strategies, and to help the client to progress to the highest possible level of independence. Intact functions should be trained first because the success leads to better self-confidence. After that, affected functions can be trained specifically by using clear and explicit instructions.


• has been developed by scientists, clinicians and therapists

• is market leader for computer-based rehabilitation

• provides more than 25 years of experience

• is an evidence based and clinically proven part of cognitive rehabilitation

• offers numerous tasks for all cognitive fields in all rehabilitation phases

• is available in various languages at no extra cost

• Clients train in their native language

• offers screening modules to detect impairments and to recommend corresponding training modules

• offers customized solutions for clinics and practice


Modular structure

RehaCom includes 20+ modules for training basic functions as well as specialised and more complex modules for training several affected cognitive functions. Start-ing at a low level of difficulty, the client can progress to solve increasingly complex tasks.

Adaptivity and Individualisation

RehaCom is an auto-adaptive program which adapts the complexity of each task automatically to the client‘s actual performance. The program provides the client with a ‘just right’ challenge — the requirements are neither too high nor too low. This makes therapy with RehaCom very motivating and frustration is avoided.


Numerous studies scientifically support the effectiveness of RehaCom. Please visit our website: to find all the latest RehaCom studies.

Error-Specific Feedback

The computer operates as a neutral observer making objective comments on the client‘s performance and gives, if necessary, error-specific feedback. This leads to a higher self-confidence of the clients and can minimise the risk of side effects often caused by brain damage such as depressions or low self-esteem.

Continuity and control

RehaCom saves all training results. A new training session starts where the last one has been finished. Thus, it is possible to control the course of therapy and to adjust parameters promptly. The therapist has the ability to analyse all client data to further develop the therapy strategies.


With RehaCom many clients can train independently. At the beginning and at the end of the training the client and the therapist determine the therapy goal and discuss the results face-to-face. As the clients can complete their cognitive training independently using RehaCom, the therapist can spend less time building up cognitive capacities, and more time working on other goals such as developing communication strategies. Implementing RehaCom in a clinic setting also allows therapists to work with several clients at the same time - one more reason why RehaCom has become a market leader for computer-based cognitive rehabili-tation in Europe.


For More Information, as well as Videos please visit Rehacom Homepage

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